Wellness Center

The Wellness Centre of "Casali del Moraiolo" at your disposal for an unforgettable stay".

"Casali del Moraiolo" offer their guests a unique and relaxing experience in the wellness centre.

The Wellness area is built in a secluded area and enjoys an outdoor garden. Thanks to the special windows that surround it we can feel immersed in the greenery directly from the heated Jacuzzi Jacuzzi swimming pool.


The Wellness Centre is accessible by the clients of the structure in an exclusive way respecting pre-established times.
Antended in the bright and cozy Wellness environment, you will be induced to relax by the sweet aromas designed for your maximum comfort.

Thanks to the access reserved exclusively for guests of each farmhouse, you can relax your mind and body, perhaps after a regenerating sauna or a healthy Turkish bath.
A flavored shower and a break in the massage chair are a real panacea for a pleasant and healthy experience. If you feel a little sporty and need to revitalize your body in the second area of the wellness center there are machines and fitness equipment.
The access to the wellness center is directly from the garden from where our guests love to sunbathe, enjoy our herbal teas or simply read a book.

The external visitors can access the SPA and can request the rates directly from us using the various channels to contact us

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